Halo 3 acheivements

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Halo 3 acheivements

Post by kiwinator 777 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:13 pm


NoScope Spree 5g - Get a Sniper Spree withour using the scope, with at least 3 being headshots
Box of Shiny Things 10g - Acheive 100+ Sniper Spree Medals
And Then They Got Shinier... 20g - Acheive 25+ Sharpshooter Medals
I See Dead People 10g - After killing an opponent, kill him again within 3 seconds of his respawn
And Then There Were None 15g - Get an Overkill Medal (Doesn't have to be Exermination) in a 4v4 with only one clip of the sniper
The Banner That Stopped Waving 5g - Stop 3 flag carriers with headshots from the sniper in one game.
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