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Post by RPAL on Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:18 am

The official Rules off the group can be found in this thread.

Your right to membership and use of the services provided by Sniped are dependent on your unconditional acceptance of all of the terms outlined below. Your use of the Sniped forums and events constitutes your agreement to all such terms, rules, and conditions.

Sniped reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your use of the group and its services at any time without any notice.

1. Purpose of Sniped
Sniped's goal is to provide a friendly, active community to discuss the sniper in all games, as well as to provide tips for sniping, custom game nights every week, and to share maps specifically for the use of the sniper. Not many sniping groups remain active. We will strive for activity and try to spread our name to greaten the community in general.

2. General Forum Rules and Guidelines
-Members may not abuse, harass, attack, "flame", threaten, stalk, or otherwise violate the legal rights of other members within Sniped forum.

-Members may not "bump" a thread, under any conditions. Doubles posting is frowned upon, but may be done if necessary.

-Off-topic posts are ONLY allowed in the Off-Topic forum

-Items uploaded, distributed, or posted on the forum may NOT be Plagiarized. This includes custom content, guides, anything created by a member of the forum, or anything created by an external member. Plagiarism is an extremely severe offense, and any cases of such plagiarism should be immediately reported to a staff member so that action may be taken.

-Members may not upload, distribute, or post obscene, illegal, profane, or innapropriate material, or material that may contain viruses or corrupt files that could damage a user's computer or xbox.

-Sniped reserves the right to ban or kick any members whatsoever for any reason. Members with suspicious profiles may be removed and/or permanently banned with no advance notice. Accounts made for the express purpose of impersonating another member will be permanently banned, no questions asked.

-Members may not ask for a promotion, be it implicitly or otherwise. Promotions will be handed out by the staff as they see fit.

-Members placed in positions of higher power are expected to use their power wisely. If power has been abused by a high-ranking member, other members have the right to notify a staff member of the problem so that disciplinary action may be taken.

-Members should be active and have fun!

3. Content Posting Rules and Guidelines
-Posting twice or more times in a row on content threads is "bumping", and is prohibited.
-Commenting more than twice on a post that is not your own is considered "buddy bumping", and is not allowed.
-Reposting a content thread that has already been posted on the forum is prohibited.
-Creating a proxy account to "bump" a thread will result in a permaban for the proxy account and a 7 day ban for the original poster.
-Linking to a File Share, File Set, or Screenshot Gallery is prohibited. Links must go directly to the file.
-All General Forum Rules must be followed.

4. Consequences
Here are the consequences of breaking the Rules and Guidelines of forum. This is the protocol that any staff member will abide by if a member breaks any Rules or Guidelines and/or repeats any of those offenses.

-If a member breaks any Rule or Guideline, (First Offense)
Staff should punish accordingly with a Warning Post and/or Thread Locking.

-If a member repeats any previous offense or breaks a second rule, (Second Offense)
Staff should punish accordingly with a Blacklisting and Thread Locking.

-If a member repeats any previous offenses or breaks yet another rule, (Third Offense)
Staff should punish accordingly with a Severe Blacklisting/Post Editing/Thread Locking.

-If a member repeats any offenses or creates any new offenses, (Fourth Offense)
Staff should punish accordingly with a Permaban and a Post/Thread Deletion and/or Thread Locking.

Warning Post = Description of Violation and Link to the Group Rules
Blacklisting = 3-7 Day Ban
Severe Blacklisting = 14-90 Day Ban
Permaban = Never Expiring Ban

5. Disclaimer
Any staff member has the right to ban any member at any time for whatever reason. Extreme offenses are subject to harsher punishments regardless of how many times an individual has broken the rules. The severity of each offense will be determined by the staff member involved in enforcing the consequence(s) at the time of incident. The actions of these staffers in a disciplinary situation are for the most part irreversible and final. If someone locks your custom content thread, you've no one to blame but yourself, and no amount of whining will get it opened back up again. You have been warned. Follow the rules.
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