Weekly Update - 9.15.09

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Weekly Update - 9.15.09

Post by IDunc on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:29 pm

New Site

The Sniped forums are doing great so far. There has been a little confusion, but everything is under control, and the forums are running perfectly.

Now that we are off bungie, we have way more abilities and freedoms. Your GamerScore will now show up in your posts, along with your Reputation on the forum and your Xbox Live Gamertag. For a full list of features, look here, or just browse through the forum to see some cool things, like the Gallery.

We plan on gaining tons of new members with this outside forum, and we are hopeful that the activity level will rise way more, which it has so far.

Custom Game Night

The next Custom Game Night is this Saturday, so be expecting a thread all about it.

First Alliance - MonitorBuilt.com

We have been officially allied with monitorbuilt.com. Check there site out some time!

That's all, I know it's a short one, but there is not much to say except that we moved to this new site. Thank you.


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